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Actress Kasthuri gone Top Less for Jade Beall’s ‘A Beautiful Body Project’

South Indian Film actress go top less for Jade Beall’s ‘A Beautiful Body Project’. She and 79 other mothers around the world volunteered to pose for the same. Kasthuri spotted with holding small baby in Black and White photo. This new photo of actress gone viral on the Internet.

kasthuriActress married to Doctor and living in USA. Jade Beall Photography company is also situated in United States and for part of the company’s next project South Indian fame, Actress Kasthuri taking photo shoot for Various Stages of Pregnancy and with Babies.

Actress gone top nude for Series of Photographs which shows cuddling and breastfeeding her baby.. Three years ago, Kasthuri posed for Jade Beall’s ‘A Beautiful Body Project: The Bodies of Mothers’. Photo captured shows beauty of Woman after the Childbirth.

Its the Project showcases the various stages of Women Body Image while Pregnancy and more related to aging, cancer, stillbirths, miscarriages, weigh-gain, weight-loss, dysmorphia, and beyond.


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