Akshay Kumar and Shruti Haasan gave interview in rickshaw

Bollywood Action hero, Akshay Kumar is excited for his 1st May release Gabbar is Back, Akshay Kumar and Lead actress in the film Shruti Haasan came to the public and gave a interview in auto rickshaw. Usually stars prefers to give interviews in closed room and hotels, Akki wants to make more promotion of the film because it has the good message resides in movie. Akshay Rebel to Inspire millions of peoples, At the end he succeed to make the team of good people.

Akshay Kumar and Shruti Haasan gave the interview to Zee news while traveling to auto rickshaw. Akshay kumat made a tweet on the same that “Gave an interview in a rickshaw while traveling to another interview with @shrutihaasan! #GabbarIsBack in full swing”. Meanwhile  shruti haasan also shared on her twitter handle that “Busy driving around town and talking all about gabbar is back !!!”.
Both the lead actor in mission to inspire the millions of people worldwide. They geared up for the Powerful promotion to spread the Good film in which Akshay Appeared in Rugged look as Gabbar. He has the lead role in the Film by Villain name but big political leaders have fear of him as he crushes the corrupted people. This is not the Sholay’s Gabbar. This Gabbar is well known by his Good deeds for people.

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Have a look at the Photo that Zee news reporter lady take the Interview of Akshay and Shruti in running rickshaw, on the go. By following the picture one can assure that Akshay is well in movie promotions in public.


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