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ANTM: America’s Next Top Model, Comeback of One Eliminated Model

America’s Next Top Model (cycle 22) ANTM, America’s Model Hunting reality show running awesome. In the Last week Episode 8 Two Models eliminated from the Show. Normally one contestant gets eliminated from the show but last time Bello and Courtney was eliminated. In Episode 9 One would be eliminated and one eliminated would get Grand Come back onto the show.

Each contestant in the ANTM season 22 scoring well in each episode and ANTM gonna be more and more tough day by day. In the last two episode Lacey scored highest. so she is the game leader with maximum score of 208.1 till episode 8. It would be great to see who gets eliminated from the mentioned Remaining participants below and who gets grand comeback into the show.

Devin Clark
Hadassah Richardson
Justin Kim
Lacey Rogers
Mamé Adjei
Michael “Mikey” Heverly
Nyle DiMarco

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The Guy or Girl Who Came Back. To Whom you wants to be wish to come back from the eliminated 7 contestants ? Let us know your thoughts who is powerful and deserves to come back to make the competition of America’s Next Top Model more interesting.


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