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Big F Episode 2: Men’s Fantasy of Older Women, teaches nice Lessons

Gautam Gulati comes up with New Episode which is aired on MTV India Television, each Sunday at 7 PM. Its not the Vulgarity type show but its the nicely made show depict the real life story with some lessons. Gautam Gulati’s First Episode already set the biggest buzz and now the Second Big F episode was “One Night with Raima Ma’am”. It shows the Men’s Fantasy of Older women. People’s belief about Older women’s success and more. Story is quite interesting and associated with the current Generation thinking.

Gyan is the Boy from Kanpur and working in Big city, doing ideas writing for Advertising company. He Met the Miss Raima who achieved the nice position in company by her hard work and passion. But people in the office talking wrong about the Raima, in fact they were jealousies about her success. Raima Roy is Creative director of the Company and Gyan working in the same company.

Its the Story of Raima’s love story with Nikhil. How they fall in love, How Raima get promotion and nikhil felt unsecured due to it and they got breakup. Later Raima achieved the success and Nikhil felt bad about it. Later Gyan came into the play, Day by day Raima and Gyan came close to each other. He was Nice person and was not thinking like other people, He respect each woman. When Raima was Drunk then Gyan helpd him to leave her home. Gyan was alone with Raima but didn’t used her for Fantasy because he was not that kind of person. He is kind and Genuine person.

By Meeting Gyan Raima Realized that Still there are some good people in the world who respect woman and understand her. Also Gyan warned some office people about their wrong belief about Raima. At the end Raima and Gyan had some closer attraction with love. Raima loves the Gyan’s Honesty and nature of helpfulness to everyone. Its the Nicely made story which shows the Fantasy and Believes of Persons about it. Know the original names and Age of the Actors Gyaan and Raima mentioned below.

Gyaan (Rohit Saraf) – 19 years old
Raima (Megha Gupta) – 30 years old


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