Chalk n Duster Public Reviews: Gutsy and Emotions filled Excellent film

Jayant Gilatar’s Shabana Azmi and Juhi Chawla starrer Entertainer film Chalk n Duster released to the theaters on 15th January. After very long time People have watched social and to the point entertainer. Shabana and Juhi are excellent in their part. Movie On screen narration Well described the Teachers’ problems and how Students behaving and learns in the school.


In Short movie is an emotional journey of two teachers Vidya (Shabana Azmi) and Jyoti (Juhi Chawla), serving at a Mumbai–based high school. Story on Teacher’s Passion and love to Teaching and how they are attracted to their students. Movie turned interesting when new teachers gets appointed. Its very unique Bollywood film gave nice message to the audience.

Acting and performances of the lead actors are really appreciated.The More Surprising fact is that we are hearing only positive Movie Critics reviews from the film goers and there is no negative talks in Response to the film.

Chalk n Duster Public Reviews: Viewers Response

Sunny Fernandes ‏@iamsunny06
You just got me back to my childhood with amazing movie #ChalkNDuster @iam_juhi @AzmiShabana Cheerised my school memories,Superb Performance

Saumya Shekhar Rai ‏@SSRai44
I just watched #ChalkNDuster awesome movie, loved it! Everyone should watch this movie! Superb acting done by @iam_juhi !

Anna MM Vetticad @annavetticad
I know of a teacher who’d bang students’ heads agnst a wall.Is it disrespectful 2 teachrs we love 2 speak of ppl like her too? #ChalkNDuster. Can’t understand #ChalkNDuster’s “all teachers r wonderful” stance. The harsh truth: some teachers r truly wonderful, but many many r not

Ankeet Rathod ‏@ankeetrathod
@divyadutta25 i hate u for being so cruel, conspirer and good, pretty, amazing at the same time.. #ChalkNDuster impressed.. Adorable..

RANU BANERJEE ‏@ranu_banerjee
@iam_juhi mam u hv done wonderful job..totally delight 2 watch u:-)))#chalknduster is a very nice heart touching movie..   ..loving it:))

Debodeep ‏@debodeep
#ChalkNDuster is a movie worth watching. Lucky for us to be in the age of performers like @AzmiShabana and @iam_juhi. Kudos to you guys 🙂

Karan Kaushik ‏@KaranKaushik20
#ChalkNDuster Lovely Movie, fantabulous movie, Everything fine, Must watch movie. it reminds me of my TEACHERS. You all will love it.

@iam_juhi #ChalkNDuster Excellent Movie , simple , excellent acting by Shabanaji and Juhiji for education & teachers cause

Movie gonna get massive public rush on weekend. Based on the Public response, we are Giving 4 stars out of 5. Watch Video Reviews on how Public responded film out to the Theaters.


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