Chappie Movie reviews and Box office collections report

Neill Blomkamp’s big budget venture South African science fiction starring Slumdog Millionaire lead star Dev Patel and south African actor Sharlto Copley in lead role. Movie released on 6th March in United States and on 4ht March in New york premiere. Also its been released in the countries like South Africa and Mexico. Chappie is of 49 million dollar budget. As per three reviews by public its the tragic film.

Chappie has been appreciated film by considering each angle and including star cast, performance and direction and script wise as well. science fiction film managed to attract the public at the box office on release and collected almost $4,550,000 in its opening day Friday. Check some reviews and Ratings below.


Chappie Movie reviews

Rotten Tomatoes – 31% (by 157 votes)
Metacritic – 41% (by 39 reviews)
IMDb – 7.3/10 (by 19,604 votes)
Common Sense Media – (by 2/5 )

Chappie Movie reviews were much stronger and received appreciations by mouth words and critics. Check some movie reviews by viewers below.

With a titanium body and a child’s mind, Chappie is a fascinating figure, vividly rendered, enough so that you wish there was a better movie around him. – Portland Oregonian Marc Mohan

This movie was the best movie of 2015 in my opinion so far it was really fun to go see and I love the idea of how Chappie is like a kid and has to learn just like a human –  Gruntygrunt

This hugely entertaining oddity could never be mistaken for the work of any other filmmaker. – Tom Huddleston

Chappie feels like Blomkamp and his co-writer Terri Tatchell had three or four different films they wanted to make, and instead of figuring out which one actually worked, they just made them all at the same time. – HitFix Drew McWeeny

Also check the Box office collections and Tracking report of Chappie

Chappie Box office collections –

Box office collections stats by box office mojo – Mar. 13, 2015: $19,163,000 (Estimate)
Domestic:      $19,163,000        58.3%
+ Foreign:      $13,700,000        41.7%
From Mar 6–8 its released in 3,201 theaters and had weekend gross of $13,346,782 by ranking Number one.

Director comes up with awesome storyline and concept. Let us know your thoughts on the movie Chappie.


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