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Kim Mikka Wiki: Meet the Digital Creator [Twitch Streamer Kimmikka] | Full Viral Video

21 years old Peru Streamer Kim Mikka whose Twitch Stream Video went viral is the new Internet sensation. Kim Mikka’s Twitch Account got banned for 7 day when she spotted having S** during her live stream on Twitch. She is also known as Kimmikka on her social media Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube. Kimmikka and her partner’s full video went viral on reddit thread, you can watch it online.

Kimmikka Twitch Streamer | Age – 21 Years

Its been noted that After receiving 7 days ban Kimmikka, she came live again on Twitch and people started blaming her for doing it again. Howerve, Kimmikka denied it. “The first clip is from when I was banned from Twitch, but the second clip is very old and not from Twitch. I didn’t do that again,” said Mikka.

After her Twitch VDO Viral Kim Mikka managed to get Thousands of Followers on her TikTok, Instagram Social Media handles, she gained massive attentions and views. Kimmikka’s Twitch account got banned but she managed to attract massive audience on her other social media account in a short time span.

One he Twitch account ban lifted after 7 days, Kimmikka has changed her social media handle usernames to ‘kim_mikka_’ Her Twitch Channel is having 21.9k followers as on 3rd October 2022. Also her instagram followers are 25.2k, Twitter followers are 14.5k, Tiktok followers are 121.6k with massive number of views on her content.

Lets have a look at Kim Mikka’s Social Media profile links.

Instagram – @kim_mikka_
Twitter – @kim_mikka_
Tiktok – @kim.mikka | @kimmikka_

Kimmikka’s ful Twitch Video went Viral on Reddit Thread. You can watch full Video of Kim Mikka on reddit. After her incident she is now more active on Twitch account and her other social media accounts, gaining popularity day by day.

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