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Neerja Movie Public Reviews, Response Ratings: It’s Must Watch

Ram Madhvani’s much awaited real life story based film Neerja finally hits to the Box office Today and Flooded with Excellent Movie Goers response on the Morning shows itself. Neerja movie is biographical film revolves around the actual hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, Pakistan specifically focusing on flight attendant Neerja Bhanot. This film shows how the young flight attendant fought for the lives of her passengers.


Sonam Kapoor Played Brave role in the film and Movie is rated maximum by the Viewers on the first day. Neerja film carries the Solid Thriller story and at the end she leaves everyone with teary eyes. Its Solid Gripping story with Excellent Screenplay. Positive Movie Critics words on the First day shows leaves Public excited to watch by the Following Shows.

Read the Words of Mouth and Public Response by the Morning shows. How Public Loved the film and how they responded in their own feelings by Live Tweets

Neerja Movie Public Reviews: Response Ratings

Muhammad Zafran ‏@MuhammadZafrank
My strong recommendation to go n watch super film #Neerja -specially 4 daughter mother emotions played @AzmiShabana n @sonamakapoor?bravo?

Jasmine Chawla ‏@chawla_jasmine
Loved #Neerja @sonamakapoor so proud of proud of being part of this industry ..nobdy cud have done justice to this role apart from u..

Lavanya Narayanan ‏@themadrasponnu
Seemingly slow start but beautifully written to weave together her story. So far so good. Gripping.
#Neerja #fdfs

rj stutee ‏@rjstutee
#intermission and #Neerja is soaring.Taut & engaging and #sonamkapoor so far really really good.Safe to declare its a must watch. @TheQuint

RJ Sanil Gosavi ‏@SanilGosavi
Halfway through #Neerja & I absolutely love it!! Loving Sonam’s performance. Which is surprising cause normally I can’t stand her :P.

Sohail Khan ‏@ItsSohailKhan
#Neerja opens at around 30% occupancy in multiplexes and 20% in Single screens & I’m 100 % sure it will jump in evening shows

Lavanya Narayanan ‏@themadrasponnu
My mum’s tearing up for one death only.
This is going to be one long watery movie. #Neerja

Sohail Khan ‏@ItsSohailKhan
What a film #Neerja …pls guys go & watch it in your nearest cinemas Awesome story Fabulous direction Very good acting by entire cast 4**

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Neerja Movie leaves everyone Heavy Hearted out of theaters. Its Brave Biopic like never before showcased in Indian Cinemas. Its Must watch for this Weekend. Bollywood Farm Team Gives the 4 stars Ratings to film out of 5. If you have watched the Film. Let us know your reviews in comment section below. Also enjoy the Public Report out side the Theaters on how they Liked Neerja.


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