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Paayum Puli, Savaale Samaali Movie review by Viewers: Public Ratings

Savaale Samaali and Paayum Puli Both Tamil film clashed to the Box office and both are various in genre. Paayum Puli is the action film while Savaale Samaali is the comedy film. Paayum Puli movie is directed by      Suseenthiran and its the one of the much awaited big budget Tamil action film which stars the Vishal and Kajal Aggarwal in lead roles. On the Other side Savaale Samaali is the interesting comedy film directed by Sathyasiva and features Ashok Selvan and Bindu Madhavi in pivotal roles.

Paayum Puli and Savaale Samaali

Its Important to Check out the Movie reviews for many of us before going to watch the film in Theater we Helps you Here to Track some Live Words and Public direct response to the film to Find out the best movie for you this Friday in 4th September.

Read the Paayum Puli and Savaale Samaali movie live Tweets by viewers and Decide which is worth watch movie for This Friday in Tamil Industry.

Paayum Puli Movie Reviews by Viewers (Live Tweets)

Ck Mohammed ‏@Ck_Mohammed
#PaayumPuli : Movie drags during the first half catches it’s spot later, especially at the end. @VishalKOfficial performance to be applauded

Raj ‏@rjkrraj 12m12
#PaayumPuli last 30 mins & climax should be mentioned for its reality. Vishal nailed it with his performance

#PaayumPuli No where near to this combo’s previous deadly #Pandiyanadu in every departments. A strictly once watchable content

#PaayumPuli Suseendhiran’s least worked out film after Rajapaatai, tried to give an emotional family content with male lead as a cop

#PaayumPuli Lacks a lot in screenplay especially first half, thanks to gripping second half & climax saved the movie. Once watchable

Aravind B ‏@aravinditzme
#PaayumPuli getting Mixed to +ve Reviews
looks like another winner for @dir_susee @VishalKOfficial combo
though not as big as #Pandiyanaadu

Aravind ‏@Iamaraviind
Fantastic Climax ? Claps ???? @VishalKOfficial Killed It ? #PaayumPuli @dir_susee

Aravind ‏@Iamaraviind
#PaayumPuli 2nd half is stronger & key for the movie. Entertained very well. Congrats @VishalKOfficial

Ashok ‏@AshokRaghavan
#PaayumPuli Review-Once Watchable. Pandiyanadu was Better for Me Compared to this,Thani Oruvan will Continue its Dream Run at the Box Office

✨Shiva ❤ Raina ✨ ‏@ItisShiva
watched #paayumpuli @ags_cinemas
Good film to watch !!
story has been bit boring but second half was a crispy one
@VishalKOfficial rocked

#getMILEYAGRAMMY;- ‏@gapriyan1990
Just saw #Paayumpuli  thoroughly interesting   and even more engaging in the second half top notch edit cinematography mind blowing bgm!!!

Savaale Samaali Movie Reviews (Public Response, Live Tweets)

Kaushik LM ‏@Lmkmoviemaniac
#SavaaleSamaali is another film which uses #ThalaThalapathy references to earn easy audience attention. #ThaniOruvan is an exception indeed!

Haricharan Pudipeddi ‏@pudiharicharan
It’s a struggle to sit through #SavaaleSamaali because it’s so bad. Forget the story, there are hardly any laugh-inducing moments.

Sidhu ‏@sidhuwrites
#SavaaleSamaali: So-called laugh riot which cracks bad jokes and expects you to laugh at it. Few good moments, but that doesn’t suffice.

Hari Sudhan ‏@HaRyblog
#SavaaleSamaali expected a lot from @AshokSelvan , the movie is like seeing aditya TV , a bunch of tiny jokes put together.

Based on the Public Live tweets reviews and mouth words Movie Savaale Samaali failed to stand well at the box office and its not as the fans expected. Movie Failed to impress the audience and it becomes hard for audience to sit till the end of the film. In short movie Savaale Samaali reviewed negatively.

On the Other side movie Paayum Puli opened at the massive note and attracted decent audience at the Box office on the next shows by Positive movie reviews and talks of the town. Movie Paayum Puli Second Half of the film is greatly praised by the Audience and Climax of the film underlined by the public. In short movie Paayum Puli is full to entertainer and proven as the Box office winner. Box office Collection of Paayum Puli would be much high compared to the Savaale Samaali film.

Based on the Box office live reviews and public experience to the film we assigned the following ratings to the Tamil films.

Paayum Puli Movie Ratings – 3.5 Stars out of 5
Savaale Samaali Movie Ratings – 2 Stars out of 5


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