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Radhe Maa Real Name, Age and Everything you keen to know

The most controversial god woman becomes the talk of the town. She is the Self styled woman and she been filed under Dowry prohibition act for instigating husband and in laws of woman to demand more dowry from here family.

Radhe maa is the spiritual leader from Dorangala village of Gurdaspur district in Punjab on 4 April 1965. She has husband named Mohan Singh

Radhe Maa’s Real Name – Sukhvinder Kaur
Born – 4th April 1965
Age – 50 years
Village – Dorangala, Gurdaspur, Punjab.
Study – xth class
Husband (Married to) – Mohan Singh

She married to Mohan Singh by age of 17th and had 6 sons at the Age of 22. To support her husband she used to stitch and when her husband moved to Doha in search of better job she attracted at spiritualism at the age of 23 and become adherent of Mahant Ram Deen Das of 1008 Paramhans Bagh Dera Mukerian in Hoshiarpur district. Ram Deen Das look after her and gave name Radhe Maa.

raadhe ma

Radhe ma moved to Mumbai where chairman of MM Mithaiwala becomes her discipline and resided at Gupta’s family. She then began holding satsangs and started frequent traveling between Mumbai and Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala in Punjab for Satsangs. Later she become more famous in Mumbai and Her husband and two sons moved to Mumbai.

In July 2015, Nikki Gupta from Gupta’s family accused Radhe Maa of instigating her in-laws to demand more dowry, and of forcing her to work at the ashram, where she was physically assaulted. In August Video of Radhe ma’s devotees carrying her around during satsangs went viral online. Lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt filed police complaint against her for obscenity and for running business disguised as religion and fraud and cheating.

Later She banned from Nashik Kumbh mela  and Sanjeev Gupta dismissed videos and  denied allegations of obscene acts at her satsangs. Her Short Skirt dress pictures went viral on the Internet. More videos of Radhe Ma when she runs out side over mid night went viral on the internet.

Big fan of Bollywood Baby doll Sunny Leone. “She dances on Bollywood numbers. She is a fan of Sunny Leone. I have seen her dancing to the tunes of ‘baby doll’,” Shree Radhe Maa said.

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