Subuhi Joshi is Queen again in Splitsvilla 8, Prince is Back

In the Last Episode Banished boys Prince and Yash entered to the villa and they choose Mia as the Third queen contender. So it was the Big Question about the next (2nd) Queen of Splitsvilla 8. Now its one more competition Between the Queen contenders. Splitsvilla 8 Episode 11 of 29th August was the finest episode till date as it has the several exciting things happened at the same time. Episode Starts with the Night Party, sunny Leone and Karan Kundra entered to the Party club to enjoy the Queen’s performance. Hosts announced the Dancing Queen Competition. Sunny Announced to perform to the First contestant, leading lady of Splitsvilla. Catch the Full Episode Video written update below. Also watch the Full Splitsvilla 8 Episode 11 of 29th August below.

prince_subuhiSubuhi entered and Performed really well with sexy moves and Participants and all the people enjoyed the Party very hard on ‘Mera Naam Mary Hai’ performed by Subuhi Joshi. She really done great job on the floor and down the floor just like the item girl.

Second Performed was the Vanessa. She performed on the ‘Bebo main Bebo’ song. Crowd in the Party were screaming and yelling on the performance.

Third Performer was the Mia. She did the dance with great facial expression on the Song “Chikni Chameli”

Now Everyone wanted to Sunny Leone dance and finally host come on to the stage to dance with the Queen contenders. They together did the Dance moves on “Dance Basanti” and crowd went crazy with Sunny’s performance. Now its time for voting for Queen contenders. Public in the Club voted and total it was 190 votes. Based on the performance Public eyes were on Subuhi and Vanessa. Sunny sorted the bottom contender and announced the Vanessa with 30 votes. Now Karan announced that the Winner had the More than the combined total than other two.

Sunny Leone Announced the Winner with Total votes of 110 and she is the Subuhi. Yes Gorgeous lady become the Queen again. Now she had the power to Bring back the Banished boys to the villa, sunny announced. Later Subuhi picked the Prince by Statement, “Would you Like to Play with me ?” and Prince replied happily “Yes”.

Sunny disclosed to subuhi that the Prince had very very strong connection with One girl into villa and as everyone know she is “Karishma”. Later the Show become emotional when Karishma Cried when Prince Denied to stay with her. Sunny then explained to control herself. But Karishma were completely broken. Sunny explained to her that “You can win this game as everything changes in every hour into the show” and you had the great chance and you deserve for it.

Karishma loved the Sunny Leone’s Motivational words and it touched the Karishma’s heart. Now again Question comes back to the Subuhi to whom she wants to back into the villa ? within the few seconds Subuhi replied as She wants Prince to Back into the villa as he was the Strong contender.

All the contestants back in to the villa at night and Karishma was the super emotional as game was not important but had the connection as prince was the Important. Ishaan, Prince and Utkarah came to Karishma to clear everything about the doubts. Prince was angry and said to karishma that you were not sure for me as the partner and Prince thought she was playing the game. Then the whole environment become more emotional by tears of the Karishma.

Now Its the Morning contestants back. Karan announced that its the show about love and he thought contestants took the show very seriously. Now again the conversation between the Prince and Karishma. Karishma disclosed the deeds by her as she broke the connection with Paras who has the great understanding with her and its just because of the Prince. Karishma also stated to prince that “I fought with the Subuhi Queen in past just because of you”.

Sunnt Later entered to the Show and participants got excited. Sunny Entered with the coconut and announced about the game. Now all the contestant given the coconut and asked to give her connection one by one. All the contestants gave coconut to respective connection and now its time for Prince. Everyone’s eyes were on Prince as they wanted to know what prince gonna do. Prince putted everything aside and gave the new start by Friendship with Karishma and gave coconut to her. Karishma was more happy and makes the new start by get rid of every negative thoughts in mind.

Now its turn for Zaan to give the Coconut. He had big game plan in mind. He has the Opportunity to make the new connection and he picked the Mia. Next Amad had to pick the girl from Vanessa and Anuki. He selected the Vanessa.

Sunny Leone Later announced about the Hips to Lips Competition in which contestants had to move coconut from hips to lips without touching by hand and performed together by Male female connections. Task was super exciting and Energetic with Boys and Girls love. Prince and Karishma did the task super fast and which in turn shows the strongest connection between them.

Now Its Result time. Sunny Announce the winner who are safe.

  1. Prince and Karishma
  2. Utkarsh and Sana
  3. Zaan and Mia

Now three boys are in Dumping zone. All the remained participants who are stand in Dumping zone are very nervous. Later sunny Announced one more Challenge and winner would be safe. Its gonna be held on the next Week. In the Next Episode of 5th September it will be disclosed about the Safe and Dumped contestants.

It was the Competition between three Queen Contenders Subuhi, Vanessa and Mia. Now they danced on item songs and subuhi becomes the winner again and Crowned as the Splitvilla 8 news queen. She becomes queen again in villa.

Fans all over becomes happy as they wanted to get back Prince into the villa and Same thing happened. Prince Narula Back into Splitvilla 8 Episode 11 by Power of Queen. Yash didn’t get selected by Queen. Prince Performed the Task with Karishma and they form the Strongest Splitsvilla Couple together. Interesting thing was that People are not Happy with Subuhi is again Queen but More happy as their favorite Splitsvilla Hero Prince Narula Back into the show.

Important Updates form Episode 11

  • Subuhi Joshi Becomes the Queen Again
  • Prince Narula Back into Splitsvilla 8
  • Prince and Karishma Pair up as Splitsvilla 8 Couple
  • Prince and Karishma, Utkarsh and Sana, Zaan and Mia won the Coconut Hips to Lips task and are safe

Stay Tuned to get more News of Splitsvilla and Watch the Full Episode 11 of Splits villa 8 below.

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 11: Bow to the Queen


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