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Twist: Jiah Khan’s hanging was staged, UK Forensic reports revealed

It’s been 3 years+ of Bollywood Actress Jiah Khan’s Death and now here is the Latest report from the UK Forensic that Actress Jiah Khan’s Hanging was Staged which means her Death was not a case of Simple Suicide. See How recently revealed Forensic report creates Twist in Death Story.


Housefull Actress Jiah Khan found death hanging with a ceiling fan in her flat in Sagar Sangeet building in Juhu, Mumbai. Initially suspected as a suicide case, her mother later said that she was murdered by her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi, after several evidences were found. Her case was under probe by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

According to the UK expert, the Khan’s hanging was staged and that the marks on her neck and face indicate that her death was not a case of simple suicide. According to report by a popular daily, Jason-Payne James’ report has a lot of contradictions compared to the Indian forensic report.

A report in Mumbai Mirror states that the findings by the UK forensic expert hired by Jiah’s mother Rabia are in contradiction with the conclusion reached by the CBI. Rabia wants to share the developments with a Mumbai sessions court tomorrow (September 21), but is not sure if the court will pay any heed to the findings by a forensic expert hired independently by her.

Mirror further reported that British forensic experts also ruled out the possibility of the dupatta creating marks on Jiah’s lower jaw, contradicting state experts’ opinion that said the injury may have been caused by multiple knots on the dupatta. “I would have expected any forensic specialist to have insisted on seeing the dupatta. I do not see that there is any realistic possibility of the dupatta creating the patterned injury under the chin. Other causes or objects should have been considered such as a blunt impact from a patterned object, or a ligature made of different material,” Payne-James’s report concluded.

Forensic expert Jason Payne-James’s report comes a month after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) ruled out murder in the Jiah Khan death case. Over the last three years, Rabia has time and again reiterated her view that Jiah could not have committed suicide.

Now After the Latest Forensic reports by UK team it looks as Jiah Khan’s Boyfriend Hero movie actor Sooraj Pancholi will be in Trouble. Stay Tuned for Latest Bollywood news and Updates.


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