B A Pass actress Shikha Joshi left the world, She is no more

Shikha Joshi who has debuted her role in B A Pass, is no more between us. She committed suicide on 16th May Saturday. It was reportedly noted that she has been passing through bad time of Financial crises in Mumai. She has no work to do as job and one of her friend helped her to stay with her during the bad time. Shikha has the small roles in the Television shows but from several years she had tough time to make money. One more reason came in front of public for the Shikha’s Death. As reported by her friend Madhu Bharti on Tv9.

Shikha Joshi (16th May 2015)

Shikha Joshi competently locked her self in the Saturday evening, while her friend Madhu Couldn’t find her in the house. She observed that Shikha is in the Bathroom and not opening the door. After sometime Madhu started knocking the door and Shikha in reply said that “I am finished, no one can save me”. her friend requested to open the door. While Shikha used to open the door, Madhu found the Shikha with slitted neck and blood on whole body and is scattered on the floor as well. Shikha collapsed after opening the door.


Her friend Madhu asked her in Video recording “Why you did it ?”, Shikha replied in just few words, “Dr. Sharma and lots of Married persons”. Then all the neighbor and friends rushed at the Hospital. While treatment she left the world.

As reported by the Biharprabha news, In November 2013 Shikha was arrested along with her brother for pelting stones at residence of Consmetic Sugeon Dr Vijay Sharma in Andheri.

In 2011, she had filed a molestation case against the same doctor. She had got breast implant surgery done by the accused doctor in 2006 but after five years, she found a lump in her breast and visited him. However, the accused doctor tried molesting her by touching her inappropriately, according to the complaint. In November 2013, she and her brother had gone to the doctor’s clinic and threw stones after he refused to admit them inside the clinic.

By following the above information associated with Shikha’s previous life and Statement by Shikha at the death time, it looks as the Dr. Sharma somehow related to the case for Shikha’s Suicide.


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