Shikha Joshi Wiki, Biography, BA Pass Actress committed Suicide

Shikha Joshi Wiki, Biography

Shikha-Joshi-actressName- Shikha Joshi
Age- 40 years
Movie- B.A Pass
Occupation- Model
Lived in- Mumbai
Husband- Unknown
Kids- 1 daughter

Shikha Joshi Was 40 years of age model and performer who showed up in the Popular motion picture B.A. Pass. She additionally had little part in TV serials. She conferred Suicide on 16th May 2015 in her Mumbai Apartment. Shikha Joshi initially fit in with New Delhi. She has 19 years of age girl who Stayed at Delhi with her parents.

Sikha was Living in Mumbai from several years. Due to some Financial crises and no jobs, She passing through bad time in Mumbai. She called her Close friend Madhu Bharti to get Accommodation. From past couple of Months She stayed with her Friend Madhu Bharti.


In November 2013 Shikha was arrested along with her brother for pelting stones at residence of Cosmetic Sugeon Dr Vijay Sharma in Andheri.

In 2011, she had documented  molestation case against the same doctor. She had got breast implant surgery done by the accused doctor in 2006 but after five years, she found a lump in her bosom went to doctor back. However, the accused doctor tried molesting her by touching her inappropriately, according to the complaint. In November 2013, she and her brother had gone to the doctor’s clinic and threw stones after he refused to admit them inside the clinic.

Shikha’s Death (Committed Suicide):

Shikha committed suicide on 16th May 2015 (Saturday) evening. She used the Kitchen Knife to slit the throat. When she didn’t came out side from Bathroom, her room mate Madhu Asked her to open the door. She in reply said, “I am finished, No body can Save me”. Somehow Shikha managed to open the door and Madhu found Shikha collapsed on the Bathroom Floor and she Slitted Throat and Whole body was covered with Blood. Madhu than Started recording the video of her and asked some questions as Proof.

Shikha Joshi and Madhu Bharti Conversation at Death Scene –

Madhu – Why did you take this Step ?
Shikha – Shikha with feedable voice, i don’t know
Bharti – Shikha, say why did you do this ?
Bharti – Shikha let it stay on your neck it will stem the flow of Blood. Speak up shikha, police will ask us. Why did you do all this? Whose Mistake was it ?
Shikha – Everybody’s
Bharti – Everybody who ??
Bharti – Whose Fault is it ? Say fast we will tell their names to cops
Shika – Dr Sharma and Many other married men

This was the conversation between Shikha and her friend MAdhu. Shikha named Dr and married persons as criminals. Afterwords All the neighbors and her friends used to take her to the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Andheri. Shikha was conversing with her companion while being taken to the healing facility. She told her room mate that because of frustration and could not get any work, she took the step. She then declared as dead while treatment and her body was sent to cooper hospital for Post Mortem. Police filed the accidental death case.


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