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Bigg Boss 10 Voting SMS Number, Online Voting System BB 10, How to Vote

Salman Khan’s much awaited Bigg Boss 10 reality show Started on Colors Television Channel and It’s going to be the Bigger and Better Season with worldwide Buzz. Yeah, Common Men contestants entered to the BB 10 House for the First time and Interestingly they are varied in their personalities. See How to Vote for BB 10 Contestants by SMS number or Online Voting System.

Here is the BB 10 Contestants Images / Pics and their Voting Details. See How to Vote for your Favorite Bigg Boss 10 Commoner & Celebs.


Bigg Boss 10 Celebrities and Non-Celebrities Contestants entered to the house together and they are total 15 Contestants (8 Common Men & 7 Celebs). Here is the Voting details for all of them. See How you can do voting for BB 10 Contestants via the online Voting System or by Sending SMS to the Specific Mobile numbers.

Vote by SMS Number (See How to Vote BB10) – Voting Codes

You can Vote for your favorite BB 10 Contestant by Sending SMS to the Mobile number. See the Voting SMS details for each contestant below. See the Voting Codes for each Contestant.

Type <Contestant CODE> and sent it to 56882

Bigg Boss 10 Non-Celebrities (Commoner) Contestants Voting: BB10 Codes

1) To Vote Manoj Punjabi (Mannu/ Manu) – SMS MNU to 56882
2) To Vote Lokesh Kumari Sharma – SMS LOK to 56882
3) To Vote Nitibha Kaul – SMS NIT to 56882
4) To Vote Manveer Gurjar – SMS MAN to 56882
5) To Vote Navin Prakash – SMS NAV to 56882
6) To Vote Akanksha Sharma – SMS AKA to 56882
7) To Vote Om Swami – SMS to 56882
8) To Vote Priyanka Jagga – SMS PRI to 56882

Type <Contestant CODE> and sent it to 56882

Bigg Boss 10 Celebrities Contestants Voting: BB 10 Voting Codes

1) To Vote Bani (Gurbani Judge) – SMS BAN to 56882
2) To Vote Gaurav Chopra – SMS GAU to 56882
3) To Vote Karan Mehra – SMS KAR to 56882
4) To Vote Lopamudra Raut – SMS LOP to 56882
5) To Vote Monalisa – SMS MON to 56882
6) To Vote Rahul Dev – SMS RAH to 56882
7) To Vote Rohan Mehra – SMS ROH to 56882

Note – If a user wants to vote for Nitibha Kaul, he/she must send NIT to 56882. Only the above 3-letter Keywords will be considered as valid votes.

Note – Each sms shall be chargeable, at the applicable rate i.e. Rs.3/- as on date of upload of the Rules and Regulations, and any change in the charge of sms (due to law or network operators policy) shall be checked and paid by the viewer at his/her end.

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Vote by Online Voting System (See How to Vote BB 10)

Viewers, Indian & other countries People can also vote through the Online Voting System and can support their favorite Contestant of BB 10 House. They can Vote on Colors Website.

Online Voting Website Link

Login to Vote for your Favorite Contestants. You Can Sign in Directly via your Google, Facebook or Twitter Account to do Voting.


1. India;
2. United States of America (USA);
3. Canada;
4. England;
5. Scotland;
6. Wales;
7. Northern Ireland;
8. All European countries;
9. Mauritius;
10. Reunion Islands;
11. Madagascar;
12. Comores;
13. Mayotte;
14. Seychelles;
15. Bahrain;
16. Cyprus;
17. Iran;
18. Iraq;
19. Jordan;
20. Kuwait;
21. Lebanon;
22. Oman;
23. Palestine;
24. Qatar;
25. Saudi Arabia;
26. Syria;
27. United Arab Emirates;
28. Yemen;
29. Egypt;
30. Libya;
31. Morocco;
32. Algeria;
33. Tunisia;
34. Sudan;
35. Mauritiana;
36. Australia;
37. New Zealand;
38. Fiji;
39. Papua New Guinea;
40. Solomon Island;
41. Vanuatu;
42. Kiribati;
43. Nauru;
44. Marshall Islands;
45. Samoa;
46. Cook Island;
47. Tokelau;
48. Tuvalu;
49. Tonga;
50. Niue;
51. Sri Lanka;
52. Maldives;
53. Singapore;
54. Hong Kong;
55. Malaysia;
56. Indonesia;
57. Philippines;
58. Japan;
59. South Korea;
60. Burma;
61. Thailand;
62. Bangladesh;
63. Nepal.

Based on the Public Voting results, Elimination going to Happen in Bigg Boss 10 House. These 15 Contestants (Celebs & Commoner) will live together in Bigg Boss 10 House, Television viewers of Country and the whole world will do Voting every week by seeing the Good and Bad things of Contestants. How they are behaving with each other and how they are making relations to each other.

The one who fails to get more love from Indian Public will be Eliminated by Tracking the Public Voting Count.

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