Extraordinary Talent Jagpreet Created History in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Contestant Jagpreet Bajwa who lost his Vision but not the Confidence. He is the Inspiration role model for many of us. He is Trained in Both indian Classical and western style of music. 21 year old Jagpreet from Canada is a passionate and motivational speaker who lost his vision when he was 6 months old to eye cancer.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 Contestant Jagpreet Bajwa

However he never let his impaired vision pose a hindrance to his success. At the age of 6, Jagpreet was performing on stage and has performed in over 500 shows. A truly extraordinary talent, Jagpreet can sing in 11 different languages. He has stunned the judges with his melodious voice. With an aspiration to spread love and peace through music, Jagpreet aspires to open a music therapy school.

In Last Episode 14 of 8th May 2016 Jagpreet sung song Sapna Jahan from Film Brothers Sung by Sonu Nigam, Neeti Mohan. His Mesmerizing Performance leaves everyone Speechless and more interestingly he received Blessing gift of 501 rs from Juries members. It was happened First Time in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa History.

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Jagpreet Steals the show and managed to get 99% Score from Juries which is totally astonished. He got Standing Ovation Praises from All the mentors, Juries and from whoever present there. Day by Day magic continues from him and He is showing his professionalism and Passion towards singing.

Jagpreet Turned role model for many and Shown his Strong side even he lots his Vision. He Teaches all how to live life with happiness and Passion. Love you Jagpreet.


Also watch Video Snippet when Jagpreet’s brother talks about his inspiring childhood. Jagpreet is in Team Sajid-Wajid for Singing Reality show. Watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016, Sat-Sun, 9.30 pm. Only on Zee TV.



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One thought on “Extraordinary Talent Jagpreet Created History in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

  • May 10, 2016 at 4:36 am

    First, Jugpreet only lost his eye-sight, NOT his Vision.\nEye-sight is only one of the means for relating to our surroundings — there are many more ways which those who have “sight”, fail to develop. Moreso, God never desired that the Beauty which He so painstakingly Creates, should go unobserved — “sight” is only one of the ways to “observe” that Beauty! Besides, eyes can at the most observe one-dimensional, bi-dimensional & 3D objects — but God bestows upon those who cannot use their eyes, the Gift of observing His phenomena and relating to the same, including relating to & appreciating other human beings, in multi-dimensional ways.\nSecondly, Rs.501 was gifted as “Nazrana” by one of the Jury-Members; thereafter, all the Jury-Members collectively contributed and gifted another “Nazrana”.


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