Little AbRam is King Khan SRK’s New Teacher: Feel it !

Shah Rukh Khan loves to share the lovely moments he passed with his little children AbRam on social networks. Little cute and adorable Abram was in news during the IPL 8 KKR match. He was the attraction on stadium at that time and one more time the little charming younger son of SRK in new due to the cute lesson he taught to his father.

SRK shared the lesson on twitter, his boy taught to him which is very useful and speechless feeling lesson that helps to get growth in life. Bollywood King Khan shared in his twitter official handle that “Lessons from my littlest one…“Just because it’s broken does not mean it’s not beautiful….” ” AbRam can be seen holding the bottle like thing in hand, which seems broken. Youngest boy AbRam looks fascinated with bottle and don’t want to loose it.

Abram has the feeling attached with the little toy and his feeling expresses that the he don’t want let it go. SRK got inspired from his speechless but feeling full lesson that Broken does not mean it’s not beautiful, and shared on the twitter that he is the teacher and little one’s sometimes teaches very big lessons. Its remarkable note made by the Bollywood romantic hero SRK.

SRK loves his both son Aryan and AbRam and he is about to launch his children in Boyhood remake as its Hollywood film attached to the one person’s life from age 1 to 12.


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