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Mama O’s Kimchi Shark Tank | Review, Net Worth, Where to Buy Online!

Mama O’s Kimchi’s founder Kheedim Oh appeared on Shark Tank USA with his unique products of Kimchi flavors, kimchi paste, kimchili, dehydraed kimchi and more. Mama o’s kimchi began as an accident as they have never intended to start a business. Know the Full Story written below and Catch the founders on Shark Tank Episode 3 Today 7th October 8 pm on ABC.

mama o's kimchi shark tank
Mama O’s Kimchi Shark Tank USA

Mama O’s Kimchi Story: Mama O’s Premium Kimchi began as an accident. Kheedim Oh never intended to start a company, he just needed some kimchi. His parents (Mama & Papa O) lived a couple hundred miles away so going over to bum a jar was not convenient. Mama O’s Kimchi Founders manages to Spice up the interest of Sharks in their product. Let’s see if they gets an Interesting Deal and Investment from sharks with some percentage of company.

The kimchi options in stores (mostly Asian markets) tasted terrible, were full of unnecessary ingredients, or both. So, he asked Mama O to teach him how to make kimchi. Kheedim took the Chinatown bus to DC many times to make batches of kimchi to bring back to NYC. Most of the kimchi was shared with friends, and occasional strangers, who eventually encouraged Kheedim to make his product available to a larger community.

We’ve come a long way since making batches of kimchi in the basement. We hired some fantastic individuals and began producing kimchi for local restaurants, bodegas, and grocery stores. We have a production facility in Brooklyn, New York and now you can find us nationally and internationally.

Where to Buy Mama O’s Kimchi Online | Review

A wide Range of Kimchi products are available to purchase online on their official store as well as Amazon. Also have a look at Kimchi Product reviews mentioned below.

I love this stuff. Mixed in with my fermenting kimchi, it’s delicious. Because I love it so much, I wish it was available in larger sizes and maybe a little more inexpensive. Maybe Costco can carry it in insufrible sized tubs one day (wishful thinking).

This product provides are wonderful full flavor!

kimchi shark tank
Kimchi Product Demonstration on Shark Tank US

What i love about this is it vegan! I don’t like the fish sauce taste and this is perfect every time!!! Will keep buying as long as its available!!!

@Amazon Customer
Bought this & a fermentation kit for a favorite sister-in-law!!! She makes sauerkraut and like kimchi and so I am very hopeful!

@Amazon Customer
Really brings the heat & flavor!

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