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Create A Castle Shark Tank Pitch | Product Review, Where to Buy!

Create a Castle Founders Kevin Lane and Laurie Lane are here on Shark Tank US with their award-winning Sand and Snow Castle building kits. They Pitch their Business Idea with the sharks to get funding for their company. They are pitching with their revolutionary product Split Mold Sand Castle kits. Here we have revealed the Create A Castle Shark Tank Product Pitch, Product Review, Where to Buy Information.

Create a Castle Shark Tank Pitch

Sand Castle Kits allows you toe Elaborate Sand Structures in no time at all. Just Buckle it, Pack it, Unbuckle it and Create a Castle. Their Pro Kits includes 10 Inch Cylinder for the base, a corbel to add a new level of intricacy. A Stackable 6 inch piece for additional height. A ridge Battlement brick form to add to the towers. A Window Cutter to etch out elegant windows

The concept for Create A Castle came to founder Kevin Lane during a 2016 vacation at Laguna Beach, California, After watching a dad and his young son struggle unsuccessfully to finish their castle, this web developer and super fan of castle building, started mulling over ideas to develop a more efficient and less time consuming way to construct imaginative sand creations.

Kevin realized that building an ornate castle with a shovel, a 5 gallon bucket and a couple of basic tools took far too long to keep the attention of any child. What if a bucket was pre-molded with a detailed brick pattern? What if you filled it with sand from the top instead of the bottom? What if you simply split the mold apart instead of lifting it? What if it was all packaged up and easy to transport due to its split mold, patent pending stackable system? After combining all of these ideas, Create A Castle became a reality!

Create a Castle Shark Tank Ask:

They Asked for $350,000 USD for 10% equity in their company.

Sharks Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and guest Shark Kendra Scott impressed with their product and pitch and shows their interest to invest in Creat A Castle business.

Revolutionary Split Molds to Build Sand and Snow Castles. Play Outdoors or Indoors with Create a Castle

Creat a Castle Review | Amazon Customers

What a fun product. I bought it as a gift for my niece and nephew and they absolutely love it. Their mom was nervous about it being messy because they had tried other products, but she said they played with it for hours and there was ZERO MESS. She said the kids described it as legos meets kinetic sand. Will definitely keep this in mind for other gifts.

Love my kit! Endless hours of indoor sandcastle fun!

I really enjoy all things art! from drawing, painting, to sculpting clay! This is a great lego like sandcastle kit! It gives you insanely detailed castles and creative freedom! I’m an adult, and I find myself playing with this for hours haha!!! I know this is something any kid would be thrilled to receive as a gift!!

It’s almost like kinetic sand, it definitely does not come apart, or crush as easy. I would say it feels like 40% clay, 60% kinetic sand!! A unique new compound I find myself using clay tools on! I’m thrilled with the quality of everything included!!

I really liked how easy it was to use the mold, and also how sturdy they are hours after creating. Definitely stands out from all the other sandcastles and looks amazing. Highly recommend!

@Richard Gearhart
This is a great toy. Kids love to build things and this toy is perfect for that. It includes sand and shaping forms so little hands can make sand castles in the house with just a little bit of mess.

Amazon Customer
I am the owner of the Tropical Treasure Hunt Co. in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. We create premium treasure hunt adventures for families and team building events. We use Create A Castle molds as an obstacle for our blind folded maze on the beach in which team members have to step over the castles blindfolded. The mold allows the castles to stand up all day without us worrying about them falling down. Our business is predicated on quality. The quality of the castles once you remove the molds is incredible. The details make it look like stone walls. Those details look great! These castle molds make for more efficient and reliable sand castle building.

Create a Castle Product Image

@Scott Crossland
We bought this kit for some of our great nieces and nephews to enjoy when they came to Florida to visit. We have had great times building large sand castles. Since they live where it snows, they used it last winter to build some snow castles, too. The videos, which show how to use the Create a Castle kit, were easy to watch, follow along, and contained everything needed to build a castle that’s the envy of the beach.

Where to Buy Create a Castle Online?

Create a Castle Where to Buy: You can Buy Wide range of Create a Castle molds online from their official website or via Amazon Online store with a discounted prices. Here we have mentioned the Reviews from the customers who have already used the product for castle making out of sand and snows. Also customers who have used it indoor.

Watch Create a Castle Episode of Shark Tank, it airs this Friday 10/7 on ABC.


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