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Meet the 20 Contestants Singers Artist of ‘The Stage’ Singing Reality show

The Stage Singing Reality show premiered Last night on 10th October on Colors Infinity channel. It is the India’s First English Singing Talent Hunting show. Show Scheduled to aired on Saturday and Sunday 9 PM. Meet the 20 Contestants picked by Judges of The Stage.

In the First Episode of The Stage Show there were Competition Among all the 20 Artists to prove their selves better in Singing show. All the Five Judges are very talented in Singing and they established new platform in search of English Singing Talent, which gonna help to find best English Singer from country who can become the Great International Voice. Meet all the 20 Singers of The Stage show.

PhotoName & LocationProfile Info
rupinRupin Pahwa (Delhi)Behind his charming personality and amazing voice, lies heartbreak and pain that drove this young man to discover his talent. Rupin has constantly been divided between choosing a regular 9 to 5 profession and pursuing his passion for music. While he was at the same crossroad in life once again, The Stage happened, convincing him to follow his true love – music.
kimatsungppKimatsung Jamir (Dimapur, Nagaland)To Kimatsung, the journey matters more than the destination. Being the only son in the family, he bears responsibilities towards his parents and family, but manages to make time for his passion. Music is everything to Kimatsung.
yatharthppYatharth (Benaras)Yatharth is the youngest in his family and the youngest artist on The Stage. He gets his enchanting voice from his father, also a singer. At the tender age of 18, Yatharth has achieved quite a lot for himself – from being a runner-up on an Indian reality show, to traveling to LA to pursue music, to then making it to The Stage. His only dream is to be at the top of his game.
aditya-narayanAditya Narayan (Delhi)Not to be confused as Udit Narayan’s son, Aditya has learned to turn his weaknesses into his strengths, and has overcome many obstacles in order to make it to The Stage. Aditya’s tryst with music started at age 3, when he started playing the harmonium in school despite never being taught to. Now, he writes, composes and records all his music himself – in addition to playing numerous musical instruments.
nirupanNirupan Sinha (Delhi)he is genetically gifted when it comes to music. Being a Bengali helps too! His biggest pillar of support is his girlfriend, who has always supported him and pushed him to achieve his best. A multi-faceted musician, Nirupan also knows how to play the guitar and the drums.
nihalshettyNihal Shetty (Mumbai)He’s always been an all-rounder kid, actively involved in sports and cultural activities in school. While exploring different hobbies, he discovered his passion for music and skill for singing. While his parents encouraged him in all his pursuits, they never considered music as a profession for their youngest son. After a short-lived stint in marketing, he eventually moved on to pursuing music full-time.
abhijitgAbhijit Gupta (Bangalore)It all started with humming tunes as a kid, which lead his family to encourage him to try singing. Before he knew it, he was entertaining family and friends all around with his enchanting voice. When the time came to making life choices, upon his parents’ persuasion, he took up a Marketing course in London. While he was studying,he re-discovered his love and growing passion for music and the guitar. Today,he juggles between running his own travel agency and practicing music as a hobby.
abner-dsouzaAbner D’Souza (UAE)When he was young, Abner asked his father for a bicycle but got a guitar instead. His father pushed him to learn how to play it. Not only did he learn it, but Abner also discovered his love for music and has never looked back. However, as he grew older, he decided to secure a career in marketing as he felt music could not be his primary bread-earner. Now, with an entry to The Stage, that could all change!
sylvester-pradeepSylvester Pradeep (Bangalore)Sylvester’s love for music began when he was in the 9th grade, while looking at a picture of Jimi Hendrix holding a guitar, which fascinated him. Since then, he has performed and won awards for music in his college days. His source of inspiration is his father, who was a great singer and composed over 500 songs.
grace-maureenGrace Maureen (Shillong)Grace is a happy, young woman from an orthodox family. Even though she has never learnt music professionally, she found a mentor and close friend in Johanin Maxwell, who has been helping her with her vocals. She started singing at a young age and also won singing competitions during school. The shortest contestant on The Stage, whoever said good things come in small packages, was right!
anushka-ppAnushka Shahaney (Pune)Anushka is a strong, independent girl who is always open to new experiences. A fashion lover, Anushka doesn’t need a reason or occasion to dress up. Imbibing her musical inclination from many other members of her family, Anushka also enjoys rapping in the bathroom.
crystalCrystal Renthlei (Mizoram)Crystal’s real name is 23-letter word. All her family members names are tongue twisters, which is also the reason they adopt simple names. Although appearing to be extremely strong from the outside, Crystal is actually very softhearted. A daredevil when it comes to her looks, she loves to experiment with different hair colors on herself. Music is her biggest passion and she believes it is in her blood.
isheetaIsheeta Chakrvarty (Kolkata)Isheeta is young independent woman, who is driven by her passion for music. She even moved to Mumbai in order to pursue music as a full-time profession. Since then, she has been an independent woman – emotionally and financially. Singing and training in Hindustani classical music all her life, Isheeta has a tattoo of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and he is her biggest source of inspiration.
tsheringTshering Bhutia (Sikkim)Tshering is a sweet and simple girl from Sikkim. After high school, she tried to pursue medical studies, but didn’t like it and enrolled into an engineering college,only to quit that as well and pursue her true calling – music. She joined the A.R Rahman Institute in Chennai and went on to study in study in London for a year. Being from a city where music is always considered as a hobby and not profession, it has been difficult for her to convince her parents to allow her to pursue it full time.
kr-ppKamakshi Rai (Pune)A culturally eclectic mix, Kamakshi is a half-Mangalorean and half-Punjabi. Her mother is an Indian classical singer and that’s where she gets her talent from. She shares a close relationship with her brother. A typical tomboy, Kamakshi can ride bikes and even took the bold step of going bald when she was just 15!
alishaAlisha Pais (Mumbai)Alisha’s earliest inspiration was her father, who is also a musician. She used to watch her father’s jam sessions as a young child and the idea of music began to appeal to her. Being the youngest in the family, her family not only supports her in whatever she pursues, but also pampers her to no end! She likes to travel, explore places, people and cultures. An extrovert, she enjoys the company of different kinds of people and draws inspiration for her music from the various places she travels.
kenishaKenishaa Francis (Bangalore)A typical girl-next-door from Bangalore, Kenishaa had a troubled childhood, but has emerged as a strong young woman. Kenishaa lends her voice to earn her bread and butter, but with The Stage emerging, she is all set to prove her worth and make a name for herself.
rimi-neekRamneek Kaur (Rimi Nique) (Thailand)Rimi started singing at the young age of 5. She enjoys different languages and cultures, hence it’s no surprise that her closest friends are spread all over the world including the US, UK, Thailand and India. She likes voice-oriented music and is always humming to one tune or the other. She knows show to play the harmonium and is now learning how to play the guitar – always keen to grow as a musician.
kamakshikhanKamakshi  Khanna (Delhi)Kamakshi comes from a family of singers, as her grandmother, mother and sister are all great singers. She first started singing at the age of 12, when she was asked to sing by her music teacher at school. At 14, she got a chance to work with Austrian Culture firm and even performed in Austria. At 17, she started performing with the band ‘Euphoria’ and since then has performed all over the world.
soundaryaSoundarya Jayachandran (Bangalore)Soundarya’s inspiration comes from her father, who is a guitarist. In school, she learnt Carnatic music for 6 years. The turning point in her life was when her father gifted her a guitar and she learnt how to play it on her own. After seeking guidance from a cousin who exposed her to western music, she started singing it and has never looked back.

All the English Singers are really passionate who started their Journey at the Very beginning Stages on Lives. They are Born to Sing and They are Enjoying Singing from Heart. Now all they get together at the Great Singing show Platform where Talented Judges will hunt the best among the best 🙂 Means all are the best and picked by the Team but to make one as the International Singing Voice its gonna be tough and very interesting Competition in newly launched Show “The Stage”.

Stay Tuned to get more Updates and Watch the Show on Colors Infinity channel, Every Saturday, Sunday at 9 PM


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