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MTV Hustle 2.0 Wiki: Judges, Host, Contestants, Squad Bosses, Elimination, Winner Name 2022

MTV Hustle reality show is back with season 2.0 and this time its going to be the Bigger and Better like never before. MTV Hustle 2.0 Wiki Biography mentioned here. MTV Hustle Judge, Host, Contestants, Squad Bosses (Mentors) Elimination and Winner Name revealed here. The first season of MTV Hustle Hip Hop reality show judges by Raftaar, Raja Kumari and Nuclea. Now, Second Season is Judged by Bollywood’s one of the most loved rappers Badshah.

MTV Hustle 2.0 is for all the talented hip hop artists, ‘jinke shabdo me taakat hai’ Means those who can write amazing lyrics and stories and perform solid on stage can win the hip hop show. MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants are more talented and very unique in talent compared to its first season. After getting so much love and positive response from the audiences, MTV made it more bigger by bringing Squad Bosses in a show.

MTV Hustle 2.0 Wiki: Judges | Squad Bosses | Host

MTV Hustle Squad Bosses are kind of mentors for the contestants who will train them and burn the real fire and passion in them. Two of the Squad Bosses are EPR and King who have been finalists of MTV Hustle Season 1. Lets have a look at Judges and Squad Bosses of MTV Hustle Season 1.

MTV Hustle 2.0 Judges: Badshah

Badshah doesn’t need any introduction. Bollywood’s most loved Hip Hop Artist, Singer, Rapper Badshah is one of the Judges of MTV Hustle 2.

MTV Hustle Season 2 Squad Bosses: EPR Iyer, King, Dee MC and Dino James

  1. EPR Iyer: MTV Hustle Season 1 First Runner Up EPR Iyer (Real Name: Santhanam Srinivasan) is one of the squad Bosses of MTV Hustle Season 2.0. EPR is the stage name of Santhanam Srinivasan. EPR Iyer is from Kolkata, West Bengal. Born in Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu.
  1. King: The Original Name is Arpan Kumar from Delhi, Known by his stage name King. He has been finalist of MTV Hustle Season 1 and remained more active on YouTube and Instagram. King has more than 3 Millions Subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  1. Dee MC: The Real Name Deepa Unnikrishnan is from Kerala and later moved to Kalyan, Mumbai to pursue her career. Dee MC comes from very poor financial background and by following her passion, now she is industry’s one of the most popular female rappers.
  1. Dino James: Dino James is also one of the squad bosses of MTV Hustle Season 2. He is one of the popular Rapper, Song Writer, Hip Hop Artist passed through lots of struggle in life and now industry’s one of the most loved rappers. He is from Madhya Pradesh, Living in Mumbai.

MTV Hustle 2.0 Host: Krissan Barratto is the Host of MTV Hustle Season 2.

MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants 2022 List with Images

MTV Hustle Season 2.0 Contestants Names List with photos listed below. See who are very talented hip hop rap artists in a country. This time MTV India production have found never seen before talented gully boys and girls who are gonna create history in music industry. There are Top 16 Contestants have been selected after final audition held by Badshah and 4 Squad Bosses. The selected contestants rapper have been grouped into a Team of Squad Bosses/Captains. Now they will perform each week and elimination to happen based on public voting results.

  1. Khullar G – Team King Slayers – Eliminated
  2. Paradox – Team King Slayers
  3. UK Rapi Boy – Team King Slayers – Eliminated (30th October 2022 Episode)
  4. RHYME – Team King Slayers – Eliminated
  5. Wicked Sunny – Team Dino Warriors – Eliminated (30th October 2022 Episode)
  6. Gravity – Team Dino Warriors
  7. Srushti Tawade – Team Dino Warriors – Eliminated (30th October 2022 Episode)
  8. Lakshya parihar (LXSH) – – Team Dino Warriors – Eliminated
  9. GD 47 – Team Dee MC Dynamites – Eliminated (16th October 2022 Episode)
  10. Aarya Jadhao (QK) – Team Dee MC Dynamites – Eliminated (30th October 2022 Episode)
  11. Spectra – Team Dee MC Dynamites
  12. Super Manikk – Team Dee MC Dynamites – Eliminated (30th October 2022 Episode)
  13. MC Headshot – Team EPR Rebels – Eliminated (23rd October 2022 Episode)
  14. MC Square – Team EPR Rebels
  15. Nazz – Team EPR Rebels
  16. Panther – Team EPR Rebels- Eliminated (23rd October 2022 Episode)

MTV Hustle 2.0 First Elimination happened on 25 September 2022 episode. Khullar G from Team King eliminated. Rhyme and LXSH (Lakshya) Eliminated on double elimination of 2nd October 2022 episode. There was the Semi Finale Episode among the Top 10 Contestants on 30th October 2022 Episode. 5 Contestants named QK, UK Rapi Boy, Wicked Sunny, Super Manikk and Srushti Tawade have been eliminated on 30th October 2022 Episode and we have TOP 5 Finalists Contestants of MTV Hustle 2.0

MTV Hustle 2.0 TOP 5 Finalists

MC Square, Spectra, Gravity, Nazz and Paradox are the Top 5 Finalists of MTV Hustle 2.0. Voting Lines of Top 5 Finalists remained open till Monday Morning 7 AM. The One who gets maximum Votes will be the Winner of MTV Hustle 2.0

MTV Hustle 2.0 Contestants who are competing and who are eliminated based on the public voting results and judges scores to be revealed here. At the End of the MTV Hustle Season 2, one contestant from any of the squad bosses teams to be titled as a Winner of the show.

MTV Hustle Starting Date: 3rd September 2022

Keep Watching MTV Hustle every Saturday-Sunday 7 PM on MTV India.


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