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MTV Splitsvilla 8 Wiki, Contestants, Host and Start Date

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Wiki –

MTV Splitsvilla is the Television reality show hits to the MTV Television India. Splitsvilla is reality show based on American dating reality show Flavor of Love. Already 7 season completed and Much awaited season 8 already started. All previous seasons were entertainer and Show gone popular after the Last season hosted by the Glamorous Beauty Sunny Leone. This time in Season 8 Sunny Leone and Rannvijay teamed up as show Hosts.

Splitsvilla show is all about, how Boys and Girls tries to secure their place in villa. Youngsters tries to complete their task to stay in the competition long ahead. They mingle with the contestants to find the love. They had fights, jealousy, hatred, friendship, backstabbing, and love when all the contestants get together. At the end One boy and Girl crowned the winner of Splitsvilla.

Splitsvilla 8 (Season 8) is loved more by the show fans as it has several interesting tasks and competition. Beauty of this season is that it had several unexpected turns and mindful contestants took part to win the game. All the participants playing their own mind game to secure place in villa and rules limits them. Last time Bollywood diva sunny Leone hosted the shows and people took lot more interest in show compared to previous seasons. By following the success and popularity of Love based reality show Sunny Leone Extended the show as hosting with co host Rannvijay in Splitsvilla 8.

Splitsvilla 8 Contestants –

Splitsvilla contestants comprises of Boys and Girls group and how they attached to each other to find the perfect love. Splitsvilla 8 Male Contestants (Participants) and Female Contestants Announced Officially as Mentioned below. Find who is Participating in This Love Season, Who are the Famous Male Faces, and all set to Try Their Luck by Given best to Hotties Women on #WhatWomenLove.

Splitsvilla 8 Boys (Male) Contestants List

Celebrity Boys (Last Updated: 14th November)

Prince Narula (The Ultimate King)
Utkarsh Gupta (Runner up)
Zaan Khan (Eliminated)
Yash Pandit (banished and later Quit due to betrayal by Sophiya Singh)
Ishaan Chhibber (Banished and later Lost to Zaan Khan and Karishma Talwar in underwater task and eliminated)
Paras Chabra (ex- KING of Splitsvilla, Banished by Prince Narula , Lost the banished boys competition)
Amaad Mintoo (Banished , Lost the banished boys competition)
Viren Singh Rathore (Quit due to violation of rule: Being Committed outside Splitsvilla)

Regular Boys

Gaurav Arora (Quit due to illness)
Ish Thakkar (Quit due to violation of rule: Being Committed outside Splitsvilla)
Abhishek (Dumped by Subuhi Joshi)
Abhijit Dutta (Dumped by Subuhi Joshi)
Prathamesh Maulingker (Dumped by Subuhi Joshi)
Ravi Shukla (Dumped by Subuhi Joshi)
Shivam Babbar (Dumped by Subuhi Joshi)
Nishant Anand (Dumped by Subuhi Joshi)

SplitsVilla 8 Girls (Female) Contestants List (Last Updated: 14th November)

Anuki Tchokhonelidze (The Ultimate Queen)
Sana Sayyad (Runner up)
Karishma Talwar(Eliminated)
Subuhi Joshi (Ex-Queen of Splitsvilla and later Lost to Karishma talwar and Zaan khan in underwater task and eliminated)
Sophiya Singh (Eliminated as her partner Yash Pandit quit the show)
Priyanka Bora (Dumped by Karishma Talwar)
Mia Lakra (Dumped by Paras Chhabra)
Vanessa D’souza (Dumped by Subuhi Joshi)
Reshu Singh (Dumped by Subuhi Joshi)
Vaidehi Srivastava (Eliminated for Paras Chabra, him to become the king)
Sharika Raina (Dumped by Utkarsh Gupta)
Ashmita Singh (Dumped by Utkarsh Gupta)
Veronika Rajput (Dumped by Utkarsh Gupta)
Enakshi Sharma (Dumped by Zaan Khan)
Alisha Sharma (Dumped by Prathamesh Maulingker)
Harshita Kashyap (Dumped by Prince Narula)

Splitsvilla Season 8 Finalists

Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze (The Ultimate King and Queen)
Utkarsah Gupata and Sana Sayad (Runner up)
Zaan Khan and Karishma Talwar (2nd Runner up)

Splitsvilla 8 Hosts –

Splitsvilla 8 Trailer is Out officially and it is quite interesting. Both Sunny Leone and season 1 host and MTV Roadies winner Rannvijay Singh screened together. Splitsvilla 8 Trailer is romantic and Teaches about #whatwomenlove By following the Two Famous faces its been confirmed that the Season 7 Host and Season 1 host reprises the Anchor role in the Splitsvilla season 8.


Splitsvilla 8 Start Date:

Splitsvilla 8 Very First Time aired Bi-Weekly (Saturday, Sunday), For the First Two Weeks. From the Third Week Onwards its been Broadcasted every Saturday on MTV India Channel.

Splitsvilla 8 Starts on 4th July, Saturday, 7 PM. Get ready for the Brand new Season of love with Drama, Challenges, Friendships, Betrayals. Its all About “What Women Love !!” Mayank Gandhi along with Scarlett Rose won the season 7 and Abhishek Mallik along with Khushi Bhatt were the first runner up.

(Last Updated: 14th November) In Season 8 Three Pairs Couple were into the Grand Finale Episode. It Was Toughest Ever Competition among all the 3 Contestants Pair. Zaan Khan and Karishma Talwar eliminated first and became 2nd Runner UP. Utkarsah Gupata and Sana Sayad Became the First Runner Up as they lost the Game in the Battle Ground, it was long and Toughest Game. Prince Narula and Anuki Tchokhonelidze won the Season 8 and Crowned as the Ultimate Winner of Splitsvilla 8. Grand Finale Episode was Super Thrilled ever, Fans enjoyed a lot.


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