Ranbir kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s Marriage Speculations in Media

Lead Bollywood actor Ranbir kappor is in news due to the relationship with the Gorgeous beauty Katrina Kaif. There are lot more speculations in public and media about when they couple gonna married to each other. Recently Ranbir and Katrina spotted at Airport while on the Summer break at maladives beach. It revels they loves to pass the time with each other on long breaks out of busy schedule.

Katrina is in relation with the Ranbir kappor and she also has the direct attachment to kappor’s family. She been spotted to dinner with the Kappor’s family. It’s not yet confirmed when the Jagga Jasoos stars gonna tie a knot of marriage. Ranbir confessed his love with Katrina, He said ““I am in love and I do feel committed and responsible. But when it comes to wedding, so much speculation spoils the fun. I would request media to stop speculating about my wedding date” He also added that ““I think you cannot keep it private. We are actors. My wedding date was fixed six years back. It’s a special day so let me announce it. But right now there are no plans.”

Recently Katrina Kaif appeared with Sonam kapoor at the Cannes Red Carpet Festival while promoting the L’Oreal Paris cosmetic brand as the Brand Ambassador. Sonam Kapoor and Katrina greatly enjoyed the event and Katrina faced the question about the marriage. Sonam handled the question and said “Katrina will getting married after me, But actually i don’t know when i’ll get married”. Katrina shown thumbs up to Sonam’s suggestion and said “Its the excellent suggestion, i should get married after sonam, I don’t think sonam knows when she’ll get married. Neither of us know”, katrina said.

Previous reports stated that the love bird got engaged in London and one more news is moving rounds in media is They are reportedly get married in November this year. Katrina also added that “If you say yes to one thing, you will have to answer 25 more questions. Whether i should say something, and when I will, is for me and the person involved to decide,” said Kaif, who added that when she plans to get married, she will inform the media. “Not when I do, but when I plan to. You’ll know beforehand. And it’s okay if it causes a circus, because no one means any hard.”


Father Rishi also mentioned that his son is dating katrina kaif and moved out of their home. He talked about the Ranbir-katrina relationship and admits that he is proud of how his son turned out to be. “My father gave me space when I moved out after marriage and I give Ranbir his space too when he decided to move out and share a home with his girlfriend,” said Rishi

Everything is just clear about the love bondage katrina tied the relationship with Kappor’s family well. These are the above mentioned speculations does not reveal when they love birds gonna marry each other. Media spreaded the news about Katrina-Ranbir marragie in November this year but there is no strong proof or direct media conversation of this stars. Ranbir is currently busy with Bombay velvet promotion the and Katrina is busy with Fittor shooting. Very soon they love birds gonna share the screen in Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos.


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