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Splitsvilla 8: Amaad Banished, Yash Back, Subuhi left Queen Chair

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 14, It was Chocolate competition for the Girls. It was Tough competition and it was made for Strong Competitor. Priyanka, Sana, Mia, Karishma was the competitor of the Game. Sana called out just in minute of start. Now Three girls have tough battle ground game. Priyanka and Karishma who remained the best player together in Kiss competition in last round, came against and targeted each other. Now Mia and Karishma remained in the Chocolate Pit. Everyone were in Mia’s favor but Finally Karishma won the Competition after the long fight in pit.

Sunny Leone Gifted Hamper by Schmitten chocolates to Winner Karisma. Karishma opened her door to Success and Finally she been the safe into villa. Other Contestants are into the danger zone including Gaurav and Amaad. Now on the next day morning Buzzer with new message arrive. Now All the Girls who are in Danger zone have the chance to impress the king on Dating.

Mia, Priyanka, Sana, Gaurav, Amaad, Ishan are in the dumping zone. Gaurav is going to home directly as he is not well in health. Then Mia and Priyanka came against and had the real fight in villa. Rannvijay warned both of them for misbehavior in Splitsvilla. It was interesting Fight as each contender playing with each other. Again Prince and Karishma came into conversation.

Banished boy Yash Pandit back to Play important role in Villa Dumping Ground. Rannvijay opened the Book Of fortune and as per the Book Yash Back to the villa and Amaad Banished from villa. As per the next Statement in Book Queen has the power to save the Ishan by her throne. Subuhi confirmed to go into villa with ishan. Subuhi left her Queen chair for Ishan only. No body did such daring into villa for any contender. Its show the True love between Ishan and Subuhi.

Again Book of Fortune Opened by all dumping zone girls. Two will go out from the Villa instead on One. Everything will be unveiled in next round who have been saved by King Paras. Now it is Big Questions who will be the Next Queen of Splitsvilla ? Stay Tuned to Get more updates and news.


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