Splitsvilla 8 Episode 12: Who will be Dumped and saved by Book of Fortune ?

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 12 was mixed with fights and some interesting twists. Price and Paras are the strong contenders of splitsvilla and they are fighting again. Its gonna be the Tough competition for sure as both of them are strong and confident enough to win the show.

Splitsvilla 8 Episode was Interesting and it was competition again to remain safe. In the Last Episode Prince, Zaan and Uttu were safe as they won the competition of Coconut and Three Boys are now in the Dumping Zone. Amaad and Ishaan are in the dumping zone. Gaurav is unwell and not able to play in the episode. Now Anuki has the power to put someone in the dumping zone. Anuki Suddenly got power by Twist as she was not selected by any of the boys in Coconut task in last episode. Anuki chose Zaan! Now Zaan had to pick the one to play the game. Zaan has picked Ishaan over Amaad. Challenge winner would be Safe.

Zaan decides to attack first. Ishaan seems to be losing steam too quickly and finally he lost the game. Now Zaan is the winner. Sunny Leone further unveiled about the Book of Fortune which will unveil who will be safe and can continue the game. Who will be saved by the Book of Fortune in this episode?  Its not yet leaked who got dumped in the Episode 12 of Splitsvilla 8. You have to watch the next Episode to See who gets dumped based on What Book of Fortune discloses.

Splitsvilla 8 – Episode 12 – Fortune Favours The Brave



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