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Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13: Vanessa and Reshu Dumped, Watch Video

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 13 (Broken Promises) Video Written Updates-

Book of Fortune Opened by Sunny Leone and as per the Book, Girls are called to the dumping zone. Queen has the power to make the decision or to dump two people  from the show. Subuhi selected the vanessa because She had the connection with First King and Paras and Paras was Against the First Queen Subuhi.

vanessa then spoke that Paras has the bad habit that he do not value the one who is currently with him. Then further lots of discussion happened with the same matter and vanessa claimed that he is not doing great effort with all girls and he in not loyal as a King. Splitsvillaians  Prince and Paras came against to fight into the dumping ground.

Now subuhi had to dump next. She dumped out the Reshu (Connection of Ishan) because she wants to paired up with Ishan. Sunny Leone then turned up the next page to Book of Fortune. next page of book reveled that the girl who get dumped can get back into the villa if their partners sacrifice for them.

Amaad (Connection with Vaneesa) made the decision to stay into villa. Ishan had the stronger bond with Reshu and they supported each other so it was difficult for Ishan to made the decision. Ishan also decided to stay into the show. So finally two girls Vanessa and Reshu got dumped from villa. Sunny Leone acclaimed the Reshu as the Perfect woman.

Two Girls Got Dumped ( Vanessa and Reshu )

Next day All the contestants called to the Ground and this time Rannvijay entered after long time. The one Pair who wins the Competition will be in safe zone. Boys need to choose with whom they wants to play the game. Karishma and Prince then further clashed with feeling and hurting each other. Prince don’t want to play the game. Prince and priyanka are best friend but prince make the wise decision if he makes the connection with priyanka and play the game with her then when Gaurav will back then it’ll be difficult for her to choose one for next time. He choose Anuki as she has no connection. Ishan was very serious about the connection and denied to do the competition. Then Host announced to play competition to Karishma and Priyanka.

It was Spray mint Kiss Competition.

Four Pairs for the Kiss competition.

  1. First Utkasrh and Sana  (27.28 seconds)
  2. Secondly Zaan and Miya (28.33 Seconds)
  3. Prince and Anuki did the next  (18 Seconds)
  4. In the fourth Priyanka and Karishma did it (32.47 Seconds)

Prince and Anuki completed task very faster and they are the winner. They Are now safe. All other three pairs are into the dangerous zone.

In the next Episode there will be a competition and Girl who stand till last in Chocolate pit will be the winner.


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