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Karishma is the New Splitsvilla 8 Queen, Ishaan Dumped

In the Beginning of the Episode Prince Was on Date with All the Girls. Next Day All the Contestants called to the Dumping Ground and now Prince Has to select Two Queen Contenders. He First Choose Subuhi and Secondly selected Karishma. Prince Choose Karishma because he want break her Ego by defeating her in Finale.

Banished Boy Amaad Called to Villa to Announce the New Queen among both Karishma and Subuhi. Amaad Selected Karishma as a Queen. So Both Opposite Person Came as Splitsvilla King and Queen. Splitsvilla Game become now much Stronger then ever because Karishma and Prince are on the Hot chairs and more importantly they both are against Each Other.

prince_karishmaNow Queen Has the Power to Dump one Boy who are into Dumping Ground. Zaan Feels well as he only has nice connection with Karishma. Again Book of Fortune Opened and Last King Paras announced as a Safe Person. So Only 4 Boys remained into Dumping Ground and waiting for Karishma’s Decision

Zaan, Yash, Uttu, Ishan All the Four Boys are worried for the decision and Karishma Finally Choose Ishaan and she dumped out Ishaan. Subuhi Cried because she has great connection with Ishaan. In Previous Episode Subuhi saved Ishaan from getting dumped but this time Karishma Dumped him out by her Power.

So.. Splitsvilla 8 Game become the Super…Super.. Competitive as King and Queens are against each other and Additionally Strong Contender Subuhi (Last Queen of Villa) become the Opponent of Karishma as he break her love connection Ishaan and Dumped out Ishaan. So  Next Episode Would be More Thriller and Interesting For Sure.

Two Important Decision of Splitsvilla Episode 16

  1. Karishma is New Queen
  2. Ishaan Got Dumped

So, Subuhi and Karishma Came Against and They Both Wants to be Winner of Splitsvilla. Watch Full Episode 16 Below. In the Next Episode its gonna be Competition and New Hot and Sexy Model Entered to the Villa for Some reason.

Splitsvilla 8 – Episode 16 – Revenge Is The New Black


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