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The Stage Singing Reality show Top 5 Finalists, Colors Infinity

After lots of Eliminations and Come Back in The Stage Colors Infinity Television reality show its time to Crown India’s First English Singing Super Star. Who will be the Winner of India’s English singing show is the Biggest Curiosity among all the Show fans. In the Grand Finale of The Stage, the finalists will battle it out with exhilarating duet performances! Sat & Sun 9PM.


Top 5 Contestants set to prove their voice in Public. Among Top 5 artist there are 4 Female and one male artist into Grand Finale. Meet all the Top 5 English Singers who reached to the Grand Finale by their Excellency and Mind blowing act till date. Who will Rock the Stage and Who will be Winner of The Stage is the interesting question. All the Top 5 Contestants deserved to be the Winner of the show.

Yatharth  Rotnum –

Yatharth is the youngest in his family and the youngest artist on The Stage. He gets his enchanting voice from his father, also a singer. At the tender age of 18, Yatharth has achieved quite a lot for himself – from being a runner-up on an Indian reality show, to traveling to LA to pursue music, to then making it to The Stage. His only dream is to be at the top of his game.

Soundarya Jayachandran –

Soundarya’s inspiration comes from her father, who is a guitarist. In school, she learnt Carnatic music for 6 years. The turning point in her life was when her father gifted her a guitar and she learnt how to play it on her own. After seeking guidance from a cousin who exposed her to western music, she started singing it and has never looked back.

Ramneek Kaur (Rimi Nique) –

Rimi started singing at the young age of 5. She enjoys different languages and cultures, hence it’s no surprise that her closest friends are spread all over the world including the US, UK, Thailand and India. She likes voice-oriented music and is always humming to one tune or the other. She knows show to play the harmonium and is now learning how to play the guitar – always keen to grow as a musician.

Anushka Shahaney –

Anushka is a strong, independent girl who is always open to new experiences. A fashion lover, Anushka doesn’t need a reason or occasion to dress up. Imbibing her musical inclination from many other members of her family, Anushka also enjoys rapping in the bathroom.

Kamakshi Rai –

A culturally eclectic mix, Kamakshi is a half-Mangalorean and half-Punjabi. Her mother is an Indian classical singer and that’s where she gets her talent from. She shares a close relationship with her brother. A typical tomboy, Kamakshi can ride bikes and even took the bold step of going bald when she was just 15!

Judges named Vishal Dadlani, Ehsaan Noorani, Monica Dogra and Devraj Sanyal did great job in justifying and picking up the best Contestant. Names of all the Top 5 Contestants artists listed with image. Meet all the Top 5 Finalists who deserved to be a winner and are into the Grand Finale of First Season.

Stay Tuned to Colors Infinity channel this weekend on 12th and 13th December to watch the Full Episode of Grand Finale of ‘The Stage’ English Singing Talent Hunt show in India. Let us know your Predictions on Winner of ‘The Stage’ Singing Reality show in comment box below.


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