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Zee Rishtey Awards VOTE, Missed Call Voting

Zee Official Conducted a Zee Rishtey Awards where your Favorite TV Serial Jodie or Character will be Awarded based on your Votes and Love to them. Vote for your Favorite Jodies or On Screen Character to Support them. You can do ZRA 2018 Votes by Any of the 3 Ways mentioned below. You can do Online Voting on official website, You can Also Do Missed Call Voting or Google Assistant App Voting.


ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (“Company”) is organizing “Zee Rishtey Awards 2018” (“Event”), which is a viewer’s choice award show, to be telecasted on the channel(s) of the Company viz. “Zee TV” or any other channel owned by the Company (“Channel”).

It’s an opportunity to the interested viewers / participants (“Voter(s)”) to submit/cast his/her votes to select his/her favorite actor/actress from the various actor/actress nominated in different categories of award in the Event on the various platforms such as (a) Missed Call voting on the Company’s tollfree number being 1800 120 1904 (referred as “Missed Call”), and (b) website voting on Company’s webpage being, it is clarified that website voting shall include voting from world wide web (web) and wireless application protocol (wap) (referred as “Company’s Website”) (c) Google Assistance Application (referred as “Google Assistant App”) (individually referred to as the “Voting Platform” and collectively referred to as the “Voting Platforms”) (“Activity”)

In order to participate in the Activity, each Voter shall be required to submit/cast votes (“Voting Entry”) to his/her favorite actor/actress out of the various actor/actresses nominated by the Company in various category of award in the Event. For sake of clarity, there shall be 5(five) categories i.e. favorite Jodi, favorite kutumbh, favorite popular character male, favorite popular character female and favorite dharavahik, further each category shall have 5 (five) nominees, nominated by the Company (“Nominee”). Each Voter shall be required to submit the Voting Entry in the following manner :


Company’s website Entry on Zee5: To submit the Voting Entry via the Company’s Website, the Voter shall be required to log onto Company’s website being and click on the page/online form/post created for casting votes and submit his / her Voting Entry for his/her favorite actor/actress under the various Categories by filling on the necessary personal information on the first page of the Website more particularly his/her name, city , mobile number, email address (collectively to be referred as “Personal Information”) and click on “submit” button. Once the Voter has successfully submitted the Personal Information of the first page, the Voter shall be directed to the second page of the Voting Platforms whereby the Voter shall be required to vote for his/her preferred/favorite Nominee under the various Categories. Once the Voter has selected one Nominee under each Category, the Voter shall be required to click on the “submit” button and submit the Voting Entry on the Company’s Website Voting Platform . Upon successful submission on the Voting Entry, the may see an acknowledgement message stating “Thanks for your vote”;

Missed Call Voting Entry – To submit the Voting Entry via Missed Call, the Participant shall be required (i) to give missed call from his/her registered mobile number on the mobile number as may be displayed on the Company’s Channel and/or Website for each different Nominee; (ii) Participant shall receive a call back containing an Interactive Voice Responsive call wherein the Participant(s) shall be required to cast/submit his/her vote for his/her favorite actor/actress from the different categories of Nominee.

Google Assistant App Entry : The Voter shall be required to download the Google Assistant App on his/her handheld device, and then shall be required to hold down his/her handheld device’s home button or speak, “Ok Google” to open the Google Assistant App. Further the Voter shall be required to speak “Talk to Zee Rishtey Awards” on which the application shall display the categories (as mentioned above) with Nominees. The Voter shall be click on the categories mentioned and submit/cast his/her vote for his/her preferred/favorite Nominee.

Zee Rishtey Awards (ZRA 2018) having Several Nominations for the Awards as Favorite Jodi, Favorite Kutumb, Favorite Popular Character – Male, Favorite Popular Character – Female, Favorite Dharavahik and Favorite Social Swagger where you can Vote for your Favorite and Make them the ZRA 2018 Awards Winner.


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