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Stakt Mat Shark Tank | Where to Buy Yoga Mat, Review, $10 OFF Discount Code

A Female Founded Yoga Mat company Stakt Mat founders are here on Shark Tank with their revolutionary Yoga Mat. They are here on Shark Tank to get the Funds for their company with a share of equity. Stakt Mat is the multi-functional, foldable fitness mat for your workouts. Watch Stakt Mat Pitch on Episode 3 of Shark Tank on 7th October 8 PM. Here we have mentioned Stakt Foldable Yoga Mat Review, Where to Buy with Discount Code to get $10 off instant.

Stakt Mat Shark Tank USA

This mat is the solution of your uncomfortable workouts and cluttered storage. Co founders Millie & Taylor reinvented a traditional Yoga Mat to Evolve alongside exercise. Enter Stakt, the patent pending, 2-in-1 mat that doubles as a block. Unlock a new level of support, versatility and potential for your daily movement.

Unlock your workout potential. Meet the multi-functional, patent pending, stackable fitness mat. Stakt’s patent pending, unique, foldable design unlocks a new level of versatility in your exercise regimen.

When folded, the stakt mat can be used for step ups, tricep dips, incline exercises and more. It’s 2x thicker than your average yoga mat, making it twice as supportive.

Stakt Foldable Yoga Exercise Mat | Where to Buy? | Discount Code

As Seen on Shark Tank Episode, you can get Extra $10 USD Discount on the Purchase of Stakt Yoga Mat instantly. Here we have mentioned Stakt Foldable Yoga Mat Price, Discount Code and Where to Buy online link. Those who have already used the product Stakt Mat are recommending it to every workout lover as its more easy and comfortable way of doing your daily exercises.

Stakt Yoga Mat is available in varities of colours at the Price of $86 USD from their official website shopstaktdotcom. You can order it online and get your workout right. get $10 Discount on using Code ‘SharkTank’

10 mm thick
69″ x 23.6″ flat
3″ x 23.6″ folded


Watch Stakt Mat Pitch on Episode 3, Tune in Friday 10/7 at 8PM ET on ABC.


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