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Jacqueline and Hrithink rumored approached for Kabir Khan’s film

As per the Bollywoodlife report Kabir Khan is about to make the film with Hrithik roshan and Jacqueline Fernandez. It was also rumored that the Sajid Nadiadwala is the producer of the film. Its not confirmed officially about the movie stars. Director


“I have been in talks with Hrithik. We have been discussing ideas, but we don’t know which one we can work on, because it needs to be an idea that gets both of us excited. Till that happens, I cannot tell which one will be my next film.”

“There have always been conversations because we wanted to work with each other, but there has never been a concrete script that we have locked to start working. That hasn’t happened.”, Kabir Khan said

“Hrithik and I were supposed to do a film with Nadiadwala. But I was not sure about the process and right now, I am doing two movies for Sajid and I don’t know what else he has locked in for the next year. So yeah, I will definitely look into that,”, Jacqueline said.

Hrithink and Kabir khan previously meet to do the film together and talked about the movie script and now they are ready to give the blockbuster hit film. Hrithik roshan also got the opportunity for the Hollywood film and now its one more by the Bollywood master class director. Hrithik is have one more project Mohenjo Daro to do before this and Jacqueline is busy with the Brothers movie promotion.


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