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MTV Big F: Gautam Gulati landed with Excellent show Concept

Gautam Gulati who remained the winner of Bigg Boss season 8 came with Brand new show on MTV India named Big F. Its the show which represent the Forbidden fantasies and depict in form of varied stories. Its about ones daily life, fantasy and relation ships. Show concept is quite interesting which tells the real unconsidered things and stories of real life on screen.

bigfThe Big F is a show about firsts. That thrill you felt the first time you saw someone across a room, or across the Third AC compartment of an Indian Railways’ train, the perfectly cinematic spot for serendipitous encounters, or even across a smartphone screen as you lay lonely in a strange city.

The Big F is the show best represent the basic problems and sensitivities of relations ships and which never shown on Big Screen. Its the show associated with persons dreams and desires not necessarily on sexual. Gautam Gulati is the Host of First Season 0f MTV Big F. Gautam is very confident guy as we all know and he fits perfect hot guy as host of such show.

MTV Big F First Episode Story –

First Episode Story was about the Shruthi who is small town girl with her own ambitions, fantasies and desires. But she been forced to marry a man she even don’t love and respect. She fall into love with another guy and find perfect for her. Finally she managed to settle the life with here desires. It was the Interesting Episode highlights the societal pressures many women faces while marriage. It further represent how women allowed to have some dreams and aspirations in life. Its her choice what she had to do with her life.

MTV Big F is nicely made show and its gonna give you different feeling than watching the normal Television show. So in concept wise we gives Thumbs up to the Gautam Gulati and Team behind the show.


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