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MTV Ex or Next Episode 2 [17th July 2022] Watch Online, Written Updates

MTV Ex or Next Episode 2 started with the Pool conversation among the 6 contestants who joined the show at Maldives beach. They started playing game of choosing each other for their romantic dates. Their Past relationships also played vital role for them to pick the partner. All of them avoided their ex for the romantic night scene. MTV Ex or Next Episode 2 17th July 2022 written update. MTV EX or NEXT Episode 1 ended at pool party conversation among the contestants.

Salman Zaidi with Krissan Barrato, Samarthya gupta with Saloni seh, and Varun Verma with Nikki on date on night and they have had amazing romantic, lovely conversation about their like, dislikes and about forming relationships. Saloni didn’t liked Varun set with Nikki as former wanted to sort out the past issues with Varun. But Varun wasn’t in mood to talk with saloni. So, MTV Ex or Next Episode started with more issues in relationship. Couple were on movie night with each other. Varun and Saloni were looking at each other while watching movie.

Later, Varun stood up and talked to Saloni as he was expecting Saloni to come and talk with him. So, things got ugly between Varun and Saloni. Now, Varun and Nikki left from there. Samarthya and Salman didn’t like the reaction of Varun. Next morning three girls Nikki, Saloni and Kirssan met on the beach while cycling. Nikki started behaving rude towards Saloni regarding last night. So, fight started between nikki and saloni as Varun (saloni’s ex) came in between. Nikki told she is not interested in Varun. So, Saloni replied if she is not interested, she stays away from him.

MTV Ex or Next Episode 2 of 17th july 2022 end there and you will see more interesting things going to happen about their real life issues. Stay tuned guys to see more updates on MTV Ex or Next as anything can happen in a show.


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