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MTV Ex or Next Episode 3 of 23rd July 2022 Watch Online | Written Updates

MTV Ex or Next Episode 3 of 23rd July 2022 episode started where last episode ended with fight between Niki and Saloni Sehra regarding nikki’s dating with Varun. Saloni blamed nikki for choosing her BF Varun for dating. Nikki was getting defensive. After the movie date night, the couples split into two teams and compete against their ex-partners in a volleyball game. MTV Ex or Next full Episode 3 watch online, 23 July written updates.

MTV Ex or Next Episode 3 Video Written Updates 23 july 2022

Salman Zaidi and Samarthya chilling out on the beach of maldives in the morning. They were talking about last night dating. Salman happily shared how he met Krissan after a year and it was happy feeling. Also, Samarthya shared his dating with Saloni. Also they talked about weird angle between saloni and varun.

MTV Ex or Next Episode 3 [23rd July 2022] Watch Online

All 3 couple started playing volley ball near beach side ocean. They formed two teams. Nikki, Varun and Krissan were in 1 team and Salman, Saloni and Samarthya were in another team. Boys started teaching volley ball to girls in their team by coming very close. They sarted playing volley ball and lots of drama also happening during the game as well. Nikki was behaving weird toward samarthya when Smarthya’s ball hits to nikki. Obviously, it was unintentional but things got more ugly between samarthya and nikki. Varun go away with nikki, supporting her by leaving the game.

Now, MTV Ex or Next Episode 4 will be more interesting to watch if they sort out the things or not. Meanwhile Varun started getting more closer to nikki. Keep watching MTV Ex or Next Every Saturday and Sunday 7 pm on MTV India.


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