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MTV Ex or Next Episode 4 Watch Online [24 July 2022] Written Updates

MTV Ex or Next Episode 4 Watch Online, Video Written updates. The very last episode of mtv ex or next ended where Nikki got hurt with samarthya’s ball hit while playing volley ball game. Varun supported Nikki and they both went away leaving the volley ball game. Saloni Sehra didn’t like varun verma’s such behaviour again. Samarthya and Krissan were laughing at the incident as they found it really funny.

MTV Ex or Next Episode 4 Watch Online | 24th July 2022

Samarthya and Krissan were sharing their feelings with each other and they were on brunch date. Chef helped to cook both of them an amazing dishes. They both Sam and krissan enjoyed their sushi dishes. they talked about their experience being on this trip on Maldives. they had very lovely conversation and great time together. This is for the first time Krissan interacted with samarthya and she was getting very positive feelings.

Next day they got a message of next activity regarding water and ocean. they all felt very excited knowing its going to be the water activity. They reached to the location at ocean. They are going for a Jet skiing with lots of excitement. Nikki and Salman set together for Jet Skiing and they explored a beautiful ocean. Samarthya went alone for a Jet Skiing. Krissan Barreto also preferred to go alone for jet skiing.

MTV Ex or Next Episode 4 Video Written updates | 24 july

Smarthya and Salman gets next activity message, its about dance party night. All of them reached to the party night club at the beach. They were chilling out and salman zaidi suggested a game truth and dare in a very interesting way. One by one they have to Spin the Bottle and where the bottle stops, that person have to reveal the secret about their Ex.

First comes the Samarthya’s Turn, he revealed about Nikki (his Ex) she talks in during the sleep. Next turn is of Nikki, She talks about samarthya, He walks in a sleep. Next is Krissan’s turn. She chooses dare and sings hindi song, which was very difficult for her. Next was Saloni’s turn, she chooses dare from Varun. Saloni have to throw a piece inside the glass and she failed. She have to drink in one sip. She did it. So, Truth and dare game was more interesting watch.

Next was Nikki’s turn and she revealed No one knows Salman better than her, Not even Krissan. So, Truth and Dare game started with some taunt moments. Keep watching MTV EX or Next every sat-sun 7 pm on MTV India.


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