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Splitsvillains Thoughts: Should girls kiss on the first date ?

Splitsvilla 8 Kick started on 4th of July Saturday on MTV Television. Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh as Host appreciated by the Splitsvilla 8 Contestants and First Day was Introductory and more on Show rules. Splitsvillains Boys and Girls from several Towns Came to Enjoy the great time and to won the show which is on #Whatwomenlove. Watch The Video on What Splitsvillains thought about if One should Kiss on The First Date or Not.

Evey human being has different thoughts about Love and Romance. Splitsvilla Participants shared their own views about, “Should girls kiss on the first date?”. Along with All the Contestants Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh also stated their own Ideas on Romance and Kisses on First Date.

Many Contestants well explained if its OK to Kiss on First Date or not and some of the contestants only Answered in ‘YES’ and ‘NO’. Most Liked Answer is that, “If you feels ok with Partner and knows about him well than its no problem to kiss. Means its depends on how you know the Opposite Person”. Catch the Live Answers by Splitsvillains.


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