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Super Dancer 3 Wild Card Entry: Meet the Selected Contestants and TOP 11

Sony TV channel aired Super Dancer Chapter 3 Welcomes its Wild Card Entry in a Show joining the existing 7 Contestants. Yes, This week on Super Dancer 3 you will see the 6 New Jodi entered to the show to make their entry in a show and 4 of them got selected after their performances mentored by Judges.

Contestants Naitik Singhal with Pramoth Manohar, Dhairya Tandon with Kumar Sharma, Prerna Salvi with Bharat Ghare, Srijan Ghosh with Pratik Utekar, Avastha Thapa with Aryan Patra and Anwesha Bhatia with Anil Tandi are the 6 Jodies entered to the Super Dancer Chapter 3 and they gave their Amazing Dance performances. Later Judges Geeta Kapoor, Anurag Basu and Shilpa Shetty have given their Scores and Selected 4 out of the 6.

Super Dancer 3 Wild Card Entry – Selected Contestants

The 4 Wild Card Entry Contestants who makes it to the Show and joins existing 7 are as below.

Srijan Ghosh with Pratik Utekar


Naitik Singhal with Pramoth Manohar


Avastha Thapa with Aryan Patra

Dhairya Tandon with Kumar Sharma


Anwsha and Prerna got eliminated from the wild card and these 4 Selected Guru Shishya Jodies joins 7 existing contestants and which makes TOP 11 Super Dancer 3 Contestants.

1) Jay Chauhan
2) Gourav Sarwan
3) Tejas Verma
4) Saksham Sharma
5) Jayshree Gogoi
6) Akshit Bhandari
7) Rupsha
8) Naitik Singhal
9) Dhairya Tandon
10 Srijan Ghosh
11) Avastha Thapa

Who’s your Favorite Super Dancer in TOP 11? One of them will be titled as the Winner of the Super Dancer Chapter 3 this year. Keep watching Super Dancer every Sat-Sun 8 PM on Sony TV.


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