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YRF’s Film Befikre: Aditya Chopra announced by Imaginary conversation with Dad

Indian film director, producer, screenwriter and distributor Aditya Chopra Announced his next film Under the father Yash Chopra’s Yash Raj Films Banner. Aditya Chopra is the Key Person as a Chairman of the Yash Raj Films company. Yash Chopra is not Alive today but On his father Yashji’s 83rd Birthday Adi announced about his upcoming next directional venture Befikre.

Aditya did some Imaginary conversation with his father about his next dream project which is not to make the Big numbers at Box office but its the Something Adi loves from heart. Initially he wanted to Produce the Film but as he was writing the script and Personalty loved it, then decided to direct the same.

Aditya Chopra Announced the Film which is not Intesnse, dramatic and emotional. Its just a light Hearted romance, Nothing more. But Aditya Chpra Feels happy from heart and said its my happiest film, My Youngest Film, My Riskiest film.

Movie Name – ‘Befikre’..Those who Dare to Love

In the Imaginary talk Fatar Yash Recommended son Adi to follow the Heart and if you do well then Box office Numbers will follow. Check out the Official Announcement shared by YRF.



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