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MTV Love School 2 Contestants Names with Pics: Top 8 Couples 2016

Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar as a Love School Professor or Judges Started the Auditions for the MTV Love School Season 2 and now they managed to select some of the Couples who actually wants to improve their Love life and deserves to be Part of the MTV Love School 2. Meet the MTV Love School 2 Selected Contestants. They are the Top 8 MTV Love School Season 2 Contestants Couples.

In Season 2 of Love School, our love professors take turns playing friend, mentor, and guide in a bid to help couples in trouble resolve their issues and bring the good goosebumps back! Through the journey, couples receive and apply advice on how to deal with modern relationships through fun tips, small tasks, and other unconventional ways of being schooled in the one subject we all could learn a thing or two about: love.

MTV Love School 2 Contestants Couple [Top 8 Names List with Pics and Profile]

Here are the details about the MTV Love School 2 Selected Contestants, Pics, Biography and Profile of each. Have a Look at the Top 8 Couples Names below.

1) Pranav and Rashika


Rashika has a lot of guy friends. She also drinks and smokes. It drives Pranav crazy. Rashika’s insecure because Pranav has had a string of 22 girlfriends. He’s also controlling, and doesn’t let her hang out with her guy friends. Rashika lies to avoid angering Pranav. They’re madly in love with each other despite these issues, but something’s gotta give. How will Karan and Anusha help this couple embark on a new journey of restoration and healing?

2) Jagnoor and Monica


Jealousy is a destructive beast, and Monica is mighty jealous that her boyfriend Jugnoor is perpetually surrounded by models. He has a past that he hasn’t come to terms with yet, which prevents him from opening up to Her, sexually. Rumours also have it that He is bisexual. He doubts her loyalty. But can you blame him? She’s not just cheated on him, but also kissed another guy in front of him. Karan and Anusha’s biggest challenge here is to get the couple in a more intimate space. Will they make it?

3) Ipsita & Sandeepan


Both from West Bengal, Ipsita and Sandeepan started dating each other when they were in Class 10. Despite his remarkable academic performances, he took to drugs and alcohol soon after, and gave up education. While she chose to build her career in modelling and acting after completing her education. Dependence on materialistic needs have led to misunderstandings and trust issues in him even though she still remains loyal. In this battle between love and drugs, who will come out victorious?

4) Bhuvan & Ranjana


Bhuvan grew up in Chandigarh, Ranjana grew up outside India. Two years of their relationship is put to test when Ranjana decides to save her virginity for her wedding night. Bhuvan’s response to this decision is to cheat on her several times. Ranjana has grown increasingly insecure, and is unable to express how she feels owing to a fear of losing her man altogether. Can Karan and Ansuha save this?

5) Bhavya and Rasika


Bhavya and Rasika met each other six months ago at a wedding party, and have been together since. But he’s insecure and has trust issues because of the kind of profession (media) she’s in. Bhavya has started curbing her enthusiasm for everything else, and drawing tighter boundaries for her dreams. Will Karan and Anusha be able to bring about changes in his perception about the industry and bring the trust back into their relationship?

6) Honey and Ashiya


This young couple has stuck by each other through the hard times. Ashiya grew up amidst fighting parents and financial crises. The lack of a father figure in her life led her to think of all the men in her life as her brothers. Until one day one of them forced himself on her. Honey, on the other hand, provides financial assistance for her as she has left home and doesn’t have a place to stay in Mumbai. Will Karan and Anusha be able to guide these young lovers to a happy and healthy relationship?

7)  Varun and Jacqueline


Varun and Jacqueline are both from Delhi. Jacqueline found a fan in Varun after she became a known face through MTV Splitsvilla and MTV Bootcamp. Now a year into their relationship, they have reached a point where she is extremely possessive of Varun, and he secretly flirts with random women on social media. Her short temper has often led to physical fights with his friends, both women and men. Will Karan and Anusha be able to teach Jacqueline and Varun anger management and loyalty, or is this doomed?

8)  Pasha and Khemraj


Originally from Russia, Pasha currently works as a DJ in Delhi, while Khemraj is a website designer. They’ve been dating for six months, but cultural differences are now starting to creep in, causing miscommunication and a lack of understanding. Her impulsive nature is the root cause of the commitment phobia that has started to develop in Khemraj’s mind. Will Karan and Anusha be able to help them bridge the gaps and move towards a happy forever?

After the Auditions on MTV Love School Season 2, Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar Selected Young N Hot deserved Participants and issued Love Lockets to them. Here is the Full Details, Wiki Profile More about each Contestants Couple. There is going to be the Tough Competition among the Top 8 Selected Contestants. There is going to be the Tasks where the Young Couples have to prove their Love, Strength, and Understanding as well. The One couple Who is going to Pass all the Tests Successfully going to win the MTV Love School Season 2.

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Keep Watching MTV Love School 2 Saturday-Sunday 7 PM on MTV India Television Channel.

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